Online Generator Partial Discharge Monitor

Instantly Access Information about Your Generator Condition

For the first time, asset managers have the ability to gain in depth knowledge about the condition of their generators without wasting their precious time. INTEGO GM has brought everything you need to know about your generator at your fingertips. It represents the next generation of monitor reliable Partial Discharge data that can be automatically converted to resourceful and intuitive information. INTEGO GM is the only system in the industry that correlates PD data with the condition of your generator. This is immensely helpful for asset managers who are looking to significantly reduce insulation degradation rate and extend the longevity of the generator.


INTEGO GM is the Perfect Tool For Generators Under Highly Variable Load

Partial Discharge activities can be closely associated with the operating condition of the machine, especially the load and the temperature. Periodical measurements and scheduled acquisitions cannot guarantee a complete diagnosis of your machine. With INTEGO GM, acquisitions take place round the clock. Furthermore, automatically aggregated PD data at the same operating condition provide engineers with a specific pattern that they can recognize and use for trending.

Non-Stop 24/7 Monitoring

incredibly intelligent and highly creative acquisition logic combined with supremely effective de-noising gives INTEGO GM the ability to acquire PD data simultaneously from the three phases. The data collection remains uninterrupted throughout the day. This guarantees a 2 year data storage into the embedded server.

Embedded Web Server and Web Based Software

INTEGO GM is a stand-alone system that integrates a web server and a web based software. The server and the software are intended to simplify the commissioning and the data visualization. Hence, there is no need of additional software.

Dynamic & Automatic Noise Rejection

Patented algorithms for automatic noise rejection and cross-talk recognition makes INTEGO GM the most advanced instrument for PD detection on three phase systems. There is no requirement for tuning.

Simple, Accessible and Easy to Use

INTEGO GM provides an innovative graphical solution for an easy interpretation of PD. This can be accessed and analyzed by engineers with little to no expertise in Partial Discharge. It is one of the most user friendly tools for PD diagnosis.

Remote Communication and Monitoring

Since it has a built in web server and web based software, INTEGO GM can be monitored and assessed remotely. This improves the efficiency, efficacy and reliability of the operations.


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