Circuit Breaker Analysis

Are You Aware of the Real Condition of Your Circuit Breaker?

Most people have very little idea about the condition of their circuit breaker. If you are among them, do not be worried. PROFILE P3 helps you better understand the performance of your circuit breaker and allows you to prolong its longevity by providing a unique insight into the true condition of the circuit breakers at all voltages. It captures the all-important “first trip” which shows how the breaker would perform in a real-life fault situation.

A slow tripping circuit breaker can cause major disruptions on power networks. This can lead to widespread loss of supply and damage to the plant. In other words, there are potential safety issues associated with the problem of having a faulty circuit breaker. This is where PROFILE P3 comes in to save the day with a cost effective solution. The first trip operation provided by PROFILE P3 can temporarily solve any slow tripping problem, thereby reducing the risk of your safety being compromised.


The Total Trip Time

Besides capturing the vital first trip operation, PROFILE P3 uses the technology of Total Trip Time to provide the composite trip time of your protection relay and circuit breaker.

PROFILE P3 model
A Powerful Diagnostic Tool

PROFILE P3 provides users with accurate information on the following:

  • The Main Contact Operating Time
  • The Auxiliary Contact Operating Time
  • The Condition of Close and Trip Coils
  • The Condition of DC Battery Circuit
  • The Auxiliary Contact Condition


Onsite Analysis

The PROFILE P3 can display and overlay up to 4 records in graphical form. This enables rapid onsite analysis of potential defects by comparing a first trip or close profile to subsequent circuit breaker operations.


Combining Protection Relay with Circuit Breaker Online Test

An enhanced version of the Relay Pro software facilitates a protection relay and captures circuit breaker trip times with seamless fluidity. This is hugely beneficial to the users as it informs them about the Total Trip Time. The Total Trip Time is needed for protection discrimination and arc flash hazard compliance.


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