Intelligent Data Analysis for Power & Rail Networks

SAPIENT is an intelligent system that focuses on the key value drivers for our customers. We provide the hardware infrastructure, which in turn generates critical data on your asset base. Our team of experts convert this data into focused information, with the help of our advanced software and algorithms. We build solutions dependent on our customers’ needs, from Asset Monitoring, Health Reporting and Fleet Ranking, to Failure Analysis, Overload Evaluation and Design Review.

SAPIENT fault location provides precise locations of intermittent and permanent faults, integrating with your systems to ensure minimal disruption to customers, enhance operating performance and deliver value for both our customer and the consumer.

SAPIENT rail provides early warning of poor condition pantographs and signal power supply failures. This avoids potentially significant repair and penalty costs, whilst helping with maintenance scheduling and investment planning. SAPIENT provides our customers with certainty over quality of service and access to the most advanced technologies, as we fully maintain all hardware and automatically update software so that you receive the benefit of our continued development.

A Wealth of Expertise

The SAPIENT team comprises of experienced network engineers. The expertise of these engineers combined with advanced SELF tools provides the user with a unique service that is unmatched in the industry. The fact that SAPIENT is individually tailored for each utility makes its seamless integration with existing processes even more impressive.

Precise Fault Location

The smart technology used by SAPIENT allows the team to pinpoint faults before they become permanent.

A More Accurate View of the Network

With the help of SAPIENT, the utility is better equipped to view an accurate display of the network’s performance in real time.

Minimal Interruptions

One of the primary goals of SAPIENT is to reduce the number of fuse operations when finding faults to a minimum – ideally zero.

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