ARC-Intellicare is a complete platform enabling precision home-based motor rehabilitation after suffering a stroke.

ARC-Intellicare was developed in the framework of the H2020 PCP MAGIC project. In November 2018, CAMLIN will launch the ARCANGEL study, a large and multi-country clinical investigation on stroke survivors, aiming at assessing ARC-Intellicare in the clinical practice.

Compared to the current standard of care, with ARC-Intellicare a greater number of patients will benefit from:

Faster Access

Faster access to rehab after discharge.

Better Safety

Safer physical exercise at home.

Long-Term Focus

Longer-term rehab programs, based on real needs.

ARC-Intellicare will help deliver precision rehab at the patient's home.

Easy To Wear Sensors

To collect motion data from patients with limited mobility

AI Engine

To model data, learn from users and provide feedback


To support the continuum of care after discharge and foster multidisciplinary support

Easily Installed

Any home is ready for ARC-Intellicare - It can be used without WiFi or 3G/4G coverage

Portable wireless equipment

Sensors have wireless recharge on the base station

For daily “real world” use

ARC can help regain independence during activities of daily living

GDPR Compliant

Data compliant with GDPR regulations


A cost-effective system with help desk included

In November 2018, CAMLIN will launch a first large and multi-country clinical investigation on stroke survivors. The ARCANGEL study will investigate the feasibility and acceptability of introducing ARC-Intellicare in the clinical practice.

Objective Measures

Patient Reported Outcomes

Detailed Auto reports


CAMLIN is open to collaborations with clinical partners to tailor ARC-Intellicare to the needs of other therapeutic areas, in particular motor neuro-rehabilitation (Parkinson’s and Motor Neuron Disesases) and ortho-rehabilitation (low back pain, post-surgical rehabilitation).

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