At Camlin, we specialise in providing gas sensing products and solutions to help our customers maximise the efficiency of gas networks and biogas plants.

Gas networks are vital infrastructure for power, heat and transport. Whilst today gas grids mainly transport natural gas, biogas upgraded to biomethane (renewable natural gas) and hydrogen are enabling gas grids to decarbonise. Camlin design, manufacture and deliver innovative solutions to the fast-growing biogas market and for existing and rapidly changing gas distribution networks.

BioSpec VOC solution helps upgrading plants maximise the efficiency with which volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other impurities are removed, increase the uptime of the plant, and ensure grid supply obligations are complied with.

BioSpec Rhino monitors the level of odorant injected to gas grids to ensure strict regulatory standards are adhered to whilst also providing cost-saving benefits to the gas distribution networks. It is capable of monitoring odorant levels in natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen making it a sustainable solution for the future.


VOC analysis in biomethane plants



Odorant monitor for gas distribution networks