Protection for Underground Distribution Boxes

BLASTGUARD mitigates against the effect of Underground Distribution Box (UDB) failures by safely absorbing and dispersing the kinetic energy, while protecting against the heat energy from an explosive failure.

No need to replace lid, air vents not required.

Increased Failures

The number of disruptive Underground Distribution Box (UDB) failures reported has increased over the last number of years. There is evidence that many fail due to ingress of water, and the presence of gas can make the impact of such failures worse. Incidents of Linxbox explosions have resulted in the cast-iron cover being blasted 10ft into the air, with the heavy bell housing not far behind.


Testing and research has shown that the use of blast mitigation materials dramatically reduces the impact of UDB explosions, even in the presence of explosive materials such as gas. This has resulted in the KELVATEK BLASTGUARD device, a bag of blast mitigation materials that absorb most of the energy of a UDB explosion, and supress the flames as well.


Demonstration tests show that a blast mitigation bag can reduce the height of vertical travel of the cover from over 10ft to less than 2ft. The kinetic energy, and the risk to the public is greatly reduced with BLASTGUARD.

KELVATEK manufacture a number of different sizes of BLASTGUARD, catering for different sizes and types of linkbox.

A BLASTGUARD bag is easily retrofitted into the manhole, under the cover, and above the bell.

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