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At the simplest level Camlin is a technology company focused on innovation and delivering valuable solutions to our customers. However, there is so much more to the Camlin family than this. We are in, and very much part of, our community. We are aware that enterprise is a critical part of a region’s ability to grow prosperity, and that we have a significant role to play in this. We have a passion for innovation; the creation of technologies, products, jobs, factories, opportunities where there was nothing before. Education and the continuous advancement of our people has always been a primary focus for us. Allying our skills and background to our focus and passions, we launched a new community programme in 2018 which aims to drive positive social and economic change for disadvantaged young people, starting in Northern Ireland and rapidly expanding to our other locations in the coming years.

This new community programme is a long-term endeavour, but we do not want to see many of the next generations lost to low educational attainment, unemployment, poverty or unfulfilled potential. Our programme will support a variety of personal, social and professional development activities to help young people grow their knowledge, skills and attitudes and ultimately help young people to thrive in their communities. We believe that these programmes will foster genuine positive and long-lasting change not only in our wider community, but also within our Camlin family as a whole.

Include Youth

Youth Action’s ‘Domino’ play aimed at promoting good mental health in young people

Include Youth

Include Youth at Titanic Belfast

Strategic Vision

Our vision is to ensure bright and active futures for all young people where they can fulfill their potential.

Acknowledging the wide disparity amongst youth globally, we support a future where all young people are given opportunities to reach their potential, leading to a more equitable, just and healthy world.

Mission Statement

We support disadvantaged young people to flourish socially and economically in the communities in which they live.

One of the founding principles of Camlin was to create local job security so that communities can be supported to thrive in Northern Ireland. Our charitable and philanthropic giving reflects the same goal through creating wide opportunities for disadvantaged youth to thrive, now and for future generations, in the communities where we work.

Outcomes for Young People

  • Increased economic, training and education opportunities
  • Enhanced creative and innovative potential


Camlin launched key partnerships this year with Youth Action Northern Ireland, Include Youth Northern Ireland and Bytes Project. All three of our NGO partners work to address a range of issues affecting young people across Northern Ireland.

Launched March 2018

In partnership with Include Youth Northern Ireland

Camlin supports Include Youth Northern Ireland to develop positive introductions to the workplace and improve employability skills for vulnerable young people. This includes a range of activities such as Camlin site visits, taster work days, work placements, mentoring activities as well as skills workshops.

This project uses the professional skills of our Camlin team members through a range of volunteering and mentoring opportunities. John McComb from Include Youth adds ‘Taking part in work tours, job tasters and hearing directly from employers can be a source of real inspiration for our young people and give them the belief that if they continue to work hard, a career in the future is not beyond them”. The young people that Include Youth work with ‘face a multitude of barriers in many aspects of their life, and these types of activities help to break down barriers in relation to employment and employability, and open their minds in terms of career aspirations and pathways’ according to youth worker Andy Armstrong.

In addition, Camlin plans to start a ‘Training Fund’ in the near future to help vulnerable young people gain vital qualifications to support their transition to the labour market. Include Youth work across Northern Ireland for young people in or leaving care, from disadvantaged communities or whose rights are not being met, to improve their employability and personal development. For more information: www.includeyouth.org

Due to launch September 2018

In partnership with The Bytes Project Northern Ireland

Camlin will support The Bytes Project to deliver a creative ICT project aimed at excluded 12-16 year olds. The project will use a variety of ICT equipment and software such as robotics, games coding and Raspberry Pi to encourage young people to work together in integrated groups to prepare an innovative product or design that they will later present at a mini-exhibition. The teams will be supported through Camlin STEM mentors and volunteers. The project aims to develop young people’s creative ICT and digital skills, promote confidence and social interaction, and encourage exploration of career routes in the technology industry. We look forward to updating you with more information when we launch the project later in the year.

The Bytes project work across Northern Ireland using creative ICT to engage and inspire socially excluded young people to realise their potential. For more information: www.bytes.org.

Launched April 2018

In partnership with Youth Action Northern Ireland

Camlin is supporting Youth Action’s Rainbow Factory in touring an innovative project, ‘Domino’ aimed at promoting good mental health in young people through the performing arts. A performance including a play and interactive workshop is taken into the communities which would not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in this type of initiative. The project is reaching out to over 200 young people, but is also an incredible resource for parents, youth service providers and the wider community in building awareness of the issues affecting young people today.

Maire Campbell, Artistic Director, explains the project thus, ‘over several confidential sessions, young people shared openly and honestly about the key issues that affect their mental health and wellbeing. This then inspired the key themes of the project: peer pressure, vicious rumours spread online, online bulling, the pressure to drink alcohol, exam pressure, paranoia, and depression. These issues were then weaved dramatically together to create DOMINO. The title DOMINO seems perfect, as it symbolises the idea that we can all go through a kind of ‘domino effect’, where one thing can impact another and so on, until we fall. The performance raises the question: ’If you fall...how do you get up again?’

The post-performance workshops help us to address the question of how to cope with things that affect us in a negative way, using a specially developed tool, the ‘LIFEMAPS’ mental health model. The workshops so far have revealed that every single one of us have been affected by mental health issues and that we should speak more openly about it, so it is less of a taboo. The young cast of Domino are exceptional in their professionalism and their maturity in delivering workshops to hundreds of people of all ages is admirable. Maire adds, ‘We have been able to develop a tour to Newry, Portrush, Derry, Fermanagh, Dundalk and Belfast. Together in partnership with Camlin we can bring much needed support to young people to let them know they are not alone and that no problem is too big to solve’. Youth Action Northern Ireland works with young people across the province to support them as active and equal citizens whose voices are heard, respected and valued. For more information: www.youthaction.org

Contact Details

For any information or details related to our Camlin in the community programme, please contact:

Lesley Orr

Community & CSR
Camlin Group

The Accessories

The monochromatic light needs to be delivered to the application. At Camlin Photonics we offer a wide range of accessories:

  • Fibre optics F/# matcher for SMA or Liquid Light Guides
  • Integrating Spheres
  • Sample chambers and detectors
  • Beam Splitter and reference detectors
  • Order sorting filter wheel and filters
  • Output collimator for customer specification
  • Custom optical interface can be supplied if required

Our tuneable light source systems are supplied with an optical base plate as standard.

Software Control

With a straightforward user interface, our tuneable monochromatic light sources are easy to operate and control, including control of additional accessories selected. Key software features include:

  • Wavelength selection
  • Grating switch
  • canning parameters such as start and delay timer, etc.
  • Order sorting filter control
  • Motorised entrance and exit slits
  • Input and output port selection via motorised steering mirrors
  • Shutter control

A serial command list for essential functions are available for users own programme control.


Our tuneable light sources are supplied in a modular configuration allowing the user to select both the light source with the appropriate power and spectral range; and the monochromator with appropriate focal length and resolution. With a wide range of available accessories, the system can be further designed bespoke for the user application needs.

Light Source

Camlin Photonics provide a range of light sources all of which can be integrated into our tuneable light source system: Xenon short arc lamps, Tungsten Halogen lamps or Deuterium lamps. With a range of output powers, the appropriate light source for your application needs can be provided. In addition, our Xenon lamps can be supplied in either continuous or pulsed mode.


Our tuneable light sources utilise our ATLAS series monochromators. Typically, a 300mm focal length monochromator (ATLAS 300) meets most application requirements, but 150mm, 500mm and 750mm focal length monochromators are also available. Our monochromators can also be supplied in double monochromator configuration to improve stray light performance.

Input & Output Ports

Our monochromators have choice of two input and two output ports. Typically, systems are configured with a fixed steering mirror (as illustrated above) to allow for the light source to be set at right angles to collimating main mirror and, with a similar arrangement on the output side, the system is set up in the 180o configuration shown. A motorised steering mirror on the input side allows for the option to mount two light sources with the motorised mirror selecting which source is to be used. Similarly, choice of fixed or motorised steering mirrors allow the output port(s) to be selected.

Diffraction Gratings

An interchangeable grating turret is provided on a high precision kinematic mount to allow precise wavelength selection accuracy and repeatability. The ATLAS 150 has a dual grating turret whilst the ATLAS 300, 500 & 750 models have a triple grating turret.


Precision micrometer adjusted bi-lateral knife edge slits on the input and output ports as standard. Fixed and software controlled motorised slits are also available.

Adaptors & Accessories

A wide range of accessories are available such as order sorting filter wheels and filters, fibre optic and liquid light guide adaptors, integrating spheres, detectors etc. Optics (mirrors and gratings) can also be upgraded to gold coated to improve reflectivity in the infrared.

Application Example

Tuneable light sources have many applications from photovoltaic characterisation and charge transport studies to optically and infrared stimulated excitation spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy.

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