At the simplest level Camlin is a technology company focused on innovation and delivering valuable solutions to our customers. However, there is so much more to the Camlin family than this. We are in, and very much part of, our community. We are aware that enterprise is a critical part of a region’s ability to grow prosperity, and that we have a significant role to play in this. We have a passion for innovation; the creation of technologies, products, jobs, factories, opportunities where there was nothing before. Education and the continuous advancement of our people has always been a primary focus for us. Allying our skills and background to our focus and passions, we launched a new community programme in 2018 which aims to drive positive social and economic change for disadvantaged young people, starting in Northern Ireland and rapidly expanding to our other locations in the coming years.

This new community programme is a long-term endeavour, but we do not want to see many of the next generations lost to low educational attainment, unemployment, poverty or unfulfilled potential. Our programme will support a variety of personal, social and professional development activities to help young people grow their knowledge, skills and attitudes and ultimately help young people to thrive in their communities. We believe that these programmes will foster genuine positive and long-lasting change not only in our wider community, but also within our Camlin family as a whole.

Mission Statement

We support disadvantaged young people to flourish socially and economically in the communities in which they live.

One of the founding principles of Camlin was to create local job security so that communities can be supported to thrive in Northern Ireland. Our charitable and philanthropic giving reflects the same goal through creating wide opportunities for disadvantaged youth to thrive, now and for future generations, in the communities where we work.


Our vision is to ensure bright and active futures for all young people where they can fulfill their potential. Acknowledging the wide disparity amongst youth globally, we support a future where all young people are given opportunities to reach their potential, leading to a more equitable, just and healthy world.


Outcomes for Young People

  • Increased economic, training and education opportunities
  • Enhanced creative and innovative potential


Include Youth:
Camlin supports Include Youth Northern Ireland to develop positive introductions to the workplace & improve employability skills for vulnerable young people. 

Youth Action:
Camlin is supporting Youth Action’s Rainbow Factory in touring an innovative project, ‘Domino’ aimed at promoting good mental health through the performing arts. 

Camlin supported The Bytes Project to deliver a creative ICT project aimed at excluded 12-16 year olds. 



For any information or details related to our Camlin in the community programme, please contact:

Lesley Orr

Community & CSR
Camlin Group
   [email protected]