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connecting data to decisions

Power transformers are integral to the flow of energy and dynamic communication and could be viewed as the nerve centre in the era of digitalization of energy systems. However, environmental and operational factors can affect the health of an aged transformer fleet and reduce the capabilities and readiness for the technological change. The use of a more holistic and integrated approach to transformer monitoring can significantly help to optimize maintenance and mitigate risk. The chances of identifying the failure mode or defect can dramatically increase, allowing asset owners to understand their risk and ultimately make prompt and better-informed decisions. The Connecting Data to Decision Webinar Series will look at a number of investigative case studies demonstrating successful examples of when a utility was able to plan preventive actions and maintenance due to holistic monitoring of two or more parameters.

Webinar 1

Linking Total Transformer Monitoring & Actionable Information to Drive Business

Webinar 2

Case Study Investigation DGA and Partial Discharges: How PD can add value for data interpretation

Webinar 3

Case Study Investigation on Bushing Monitoring: How data driven decisions saved critical assets from failure.

Webinar 4

DGA Interpretation Methods: Navigating the standards in DGA interpretation through real life cases

Webinar 5

Connecting the dots: How data is transformed to drive action and decision making