Spectroscopy is a fast, reliable and sensitive analysis technique. In short, it analyses the unique fingerprint of a material. Deployment of spectroscopy technologies into industrial plants and factories is a key means by which industrial facilities can enhance their operational performance by providing the necessary information to allow for increased automation, better quality control and a more cost effect end product.

At CAMLIN we have experience in deployment of a range of spectroscopy technologies into the harshest industrial environments. For example, our UV absorption spectroscopy technology is utilised for the biogas industry in monitoring biogas upgrading plants and improving the operational performance and returns. Our hyperspectral imaging technology can be utilised across many different industrial process lines, for example, food inspection, grading, sorting and quality control.

We believe in continuous innovation and development bringing new products and solutions to solve customer-specific needs across our range of sectors. With our wide range of in-house scientific, technical, design and manufacturing expertise, we have the experience to quickly design, test and bring new technologies to market. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help improve the performance of your business by developing spectroscopy analysis tools tailored to your specific needs.