Camlin Photonics specialises in bringing spectroscopy solutions from concept through to market.

Our products range from bespoke laboratory-based instruments to equipment designed to operate in the harshest industrial environments. Our customers include research institutes as well as health, security, gas, food and other sectors. We are a division of the international Camlin Group which operates with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries. We believe in high quality engineering and design, allowing us to develop market leading products and services.

At Camlin Photonics our range of scientific, technical, design and manufacturing expertise can be drawn upon to solve customer-specific problems. We have decades of experience in mechanical and opto-mechanical design, photonics instrumentation, spectroscopy and its application, electronics design, low and high voltage applications, software and firmware.

Within our Photonics Research Facility, we have the capability to rapidly develop new products and systems and welcome the opportunity to partner with our customers on new developments – both within the scientific research community and for equipment for industrial application.

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