Online monitoring for biogas upgrading plant

BioSENSE is a unique device for the monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in biogas upgrading plants. Based on an optical absorption spectroscopy technique, BioSENSE provides online monitoring of both the raw biogas and the clean biomethane during the upgrading process, providing key information on the efficiency of the activated carbon filters and alerting the plant operator should there be any downstream breakthrough of contaminates from the raw biogas.

BioSENSE was developed in close collaboration with Pentair-Haffmans and this technology has immediately been proven to add value to the operational performance of biogas upgrading plants by increasing plant uptime, maximising the usage of activated carbon filters and protecting separation membranes from contaminant breakthrough. Furthermore, it has been proven to provide reliable results both for measurements in raw biogas as well as in clean biomethane.

BioSENSE is a first product for Camlin in the biogas industry. New developments are underway to expand our biogas product range. We are always seeking opportunities to collaborate on new product developments – please contact us to find out more about our gas sensing expertise and discuss how we can develop new technologies to address your operational needs.




Unlike traditional gas sensing technologies used in the industry, once calibrated in the factory, BioSENSE does not require any further recalibration in the field during its lifetime. This eliminates the need for calibration gases to be held onsite and ensures the data provided by BioSENSE can always be relied upon.


BioSENSE provides continuous online monitoring of the biogas upgrading process. Furthermore the system is designed to enable measurement at multiple sample points ensuring gas can be measured both pre and post processing. As well as providing information on the upgrading process, measurement of the raw biogas provides information on the quality of the feedstock and the digestion process.


BioSENSE provides information on the key VOC groups on screen on the unit and can also be easily integrated to provide information and alerts into the plants operating systems. No special expertise is required to operate the device or interpret the data from BioSENSE.


The BioSENSE system was developed specifically for monitoring VOCs in biogas upgrading plant. It has been proven to enhance the performance and profitability of biogas upgrading facilities by reducing the operational cost of activated carbon filters, increasing uptime of the plant, safeguarding separation membranes and ultimately reducing the cost of upgrading biogas to biomethane for grid injection.

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