Visible laser Doppler vibrometer system

The LDV-633 is a single-point visible laser vibrometer system for non-contact vibration measurement. Digital displacement/velocity decoding gives flexibility to suit application, whilst providing high resolution and bandwidth. Interchangeable optics provide flexibility in working distance.

We are pleased to expand our range of spectroscopy instruments with the release of the LDV-633. This new product has specifically be developed to bring a low cost visible laser Doppler vibrometer solution to market. A near-infrared version is currently under development for longer distance vibration measurement with invisible beam as well as enhanced resolution and automatic focussing.

Key Features

  • 633nm visible laser beam for easy alignment and focussing
  • <5mW output (eye-safe)
  • High resolution (<100pm) vibration measurement
  • Displacement or velocity output
  • Adaptable optics to suit application range and spatial resolution
  • >10m range
  • Simple operation with customisable software (Labview interface)
  • Laser, electronics, and interferometer optics in a single housing

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