Spectroscopy Accessories

Spectroscopy accessories

At Camlin Photonics we provide a full range of accessories to enable our range of spectroscopy instruments to be customised to your specific application requirements or to be interfaced with your existing devices. We can also integrate third party devices into our systems in many cases

The range of spectroscopy accessories includes:

  • Ports for our monochromators (manual and motorised slits and CCD array ports);
  • a full range of diffraction gratings;
  • high speed shutters;
  • motorised filter wheels for order sorting or neutral density filters;
  • adaptors for fibre optics, fibre optic bundles, or liquid light guides;
  • detectors for the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared
  • sample chambers with various holders (including temperature-controlled holders) for liquids, solids, powders and thin films
  • integrating spheres (including PTFE)
  • custom accessories

Specifications and further details are available upon request. Please get in touch to discuss your specific application requirements with our engineering experts.