Privacy Policy

From 25th May 2018, the new EU legislation will enter in force. This is why Camlin has created a page describing the privacy & terms of our products. In Camlin, we strive to provide the highest level of security, as well as high transparency for our users. In Camlin, we believe that cooperation is the future. If there is anything in the following page(s) that does not make sense, require elaboration, or you would like to know more about, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The new EU legislation is called the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR) and aims to protect the data we (the private person) produce. In short, the EU has decided that as a user / customer, you should know exactly what your data is being used for. For example, social media should tell their users that the company uses their personal data to present specific advertisements, for example, for women in the age group 18-24, who live in UK. With GDPR, all companies must now clearly describe what data is being used for and how the data is protected according to the current terms. You can read more about the EU regulation yourself at the following link:

Are you curious about how Camlin use the data on the Camlin platform, you can read more about this by following one of the four links below. Here, our policies will be described in higher detail.


In Camlin, we believe that GDPR legislation is highly relevant to ensuring that data is not being misused. Therefore, we have tried to write our policy in a way that is transparent to the ordinary citizen. Therefore, on some of the following pages there will be a legal explanation of what we are doing, and then a description that should be more at eye level. Although GDPR now makes it mandatory for Camlin to describe our terms and conditions and our data protection, we note that we in Camlin have always sought the protection of sensitive data as well as the secure storage of these. Our terms have not changed in connection with this new legislation but have now been made clearer.

However, we note that Camlin initially has nothing to do with the production of data on the Camlin platform. Therefore, the descriptions of our privacy & terms on the following pages will be directed against those sites where Camlin is actually responsible for the production of data. Hence, we present the most common questions and answers right here:

Does Camlin sell information from the platform?

Sale of information does not happen at any point.

Does Camlin use Cookies?

Camlin uses cookies for selecting the available languages. We do not use cookies to intercept data.

Does Camlin process the data?

The data produced on the Camlin platform itself – either by the citizen itself, the stakeholders, or in collaboration between the two – will not be processed by Camlin.

How is data stored?

The data produced on the Camlin-platform is stored at highly secure data centers that comply with the strictest requirements, laws, and certifications.

Can Camlin see the data?

Camlin is only allowed to see data in case of a problem, and with a written or oral permission from the citizen or employee. Camlin facilitate the platform, but has nothing to do with the data, and therefore have no purpose to look in the database. Furthermore, it is illegal to look at personal data without permission.

Concerns about wrong data

If you are a citizen and are worried about what data is used on your user, please contact Camlin.