Deuterium is the preferred source for ultraviolet spectroscopy with a strong spectral output starting from 115 nm or higher up to 400 nm. Their small arc size makes them ideal for coupling to monochromators or optical fibres.

Our APOLLO D-SERIES high irradiance Deuterium lamps are available with full spectrum or ozone free. The Deuterium lamps fit directly to the D series housing and are supplied with a f/1 fused silica condenser to collect and collimate the lamp output. Two variants are available, 30W and 110W, providing both cost effective and higher UV optical power output options.

Key Features

  • Smooth ultraviolet spectral output
  • Choice of window material depending on ultraviolet wavelength required – full spectrum and ozone free options available
  • 30W and 110W options available
  • F/1 collection condenser optic
  • Highly stable output light
APOLLO D-30 Specification
APOLLO D-110 Specification

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