Our research grade tungsten halogen lamp systems are a popular optical source for visible to infrared light as they provide a smooth blackbody spectral curve and a high output stability.

Our APOLLO T-SERIES tungsten lamps are an integrated light source consisting of cooled housing, power supply, and of course the lamp itself. The housing has been designed to allow precision adjustment of the lamp filament enabling precise positioning and coupling of the light output to, for example, optical fibres and monochromator slits.

Tungsten Halogen Lamp Wavelength

Typical power output of our range of Tungsten Halogen lamps

Key Features

  • Broadband visible to infrared spectral output
  • Interchangeable lamp options
  • DC bulb operation with highly stable power supply (0.1% stability)
  • Simple lamp alignment
  • F/1 collection condenser optic
  • Adaptors for range of collimation and focused outputs
  • Innovative fan cooling design ensures stable lamp operation and cool enclosure
  • Colour temperature circa 3000-3200K
APOLLO T Series Spec

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