Xenon light sources offer the highest flux density short of a laser and are commonly used in applications requiring high brightness in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared ranges.

Our APOLLO X-SERIES xenon light sources are supplied complete with housings, high aperture optics including integrated refocusing concave mirrors, and stabilised power supplies to optimise the power and stability of the output light.

Our APOLLO X-SERIES xenon light sources provide the ideal solution where a very high luminance (point light source) and continual colour quality source with long lamp life is required. Our range provides options of typical output bulb power of 150W, 450W and 1kW with stability of up to ± 0.1%. Higher power bulbs are available upon request.

Our xenon light sources are typically operated with DC power supplies. However, pulsed versions are available which are suitable for time-resolved measurements such as phosphorescence studies.

Hyperspectral Data Cube



  • UV-quartz condenser lens and rear light reflector to enhance light collection efficiency
  • High stability power supply offers light stability of up to ± 0.1%
  • Optical axis height: 150 mm
  • Parallel light beam spot diameter: 48 mm
  • Minimum spot diameter: ≤8mm
  • Built-in trigger to avoid high voltage transmission between light source housing and power supply
  • Colour temperature: 6000 K
  • Innovative fan cooling design ensures stable lamp operation and cool enclosure
  • Optical mounting for laboratory tables on 25mm centres
Typical Spectral Output

Typical Spectral Output

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