Our ATLAS SERIES of monochromators provide a uniquely customisable range of high quality direct drive scanning monochromator systems. With focal lengths from 150 mm to 750 mm and multi grating turret design features we can provide the appropriate system for low, medium and high resolution spectroscopy applications.

Our Our ATLAS SERIES of monochromators are highly customisable allowing choice of spectral range and resolution appropriate for the application. These systems are available with focal lengths of 150 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm and 750 mm.

At the shorter focal lengths, they provide a cost-effective tool for low to medium resolution spectral analysis or tuneable light sources, whilst the longer focal length instruments provide the resolution needed to robustly conduct high precision measurements in areas such as photoluminescence and laser fluorescence.

Our multi grating turret design can hold up to three gratings and offers unparalleled repeatability and reproducibility in any spectral position for selecting a particular wavelength of light.

Operating ranges are from the ultraviolet through to the long wave infrared range and the instrument can be further customised using gold plated optics for enhanced optical efficiency in the infrared range. Our unique mechanical design allows for straightforward alignment of the monochromator with other spectroscopy components to which it may be coupled.

ATLAS 300 - 300mm focal length monochromator

ATLAS 300 - 300mm focal length monochromator


  • Interchangeable grating turrets on precision kinematic mount
  • Extensive range of high quality gratings
  • High levels of spectral position repeatability
  • Highly modular slit and port configuration
  • Unique ‘optics only’ chamber
  • Single integrated and compact system with control electronics for all readily available options
  • USB, with optional RS232, CanBUS interfaces
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Designed for mounting on optical tables with 25mm centres or stand alone
ATLAS 500 - 500mm focal length monochromator

ATLAS 500 - 500mm focal length monochromator

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