ATLAS Series


Our ATLAS SERIES of Czerny-Turner monochromators provide a customisable range of high quality direct drive scanning monochromator systems. With focal lengths from 150mm to 750mm and multi-grating turret design features we can provide the appropriate system for low, medium and high resolution spectroscopy applications.

Our ATLAS SERIES of monochromators are highly customisable allowing choice of spectral range and resolution appropriate for the application. These systems are available with focal lengths of 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 750mm.

At the shorter focal lengths, they provide a cost-effective tool for low to medium resolution spectral analysis or tuneable light sources, whilst the longer focal length instruments provide the resolution needed to robustly conduct high precision measurements in areas such as photoluminescence and laser fluorescence.

ATLAS 300 – Czerny-Turner 300mm focal length monochromator

ATLAS 300 – Czerny-Turner 300mm focal length monochromator

  • High precision wavelength accuracy and repeatability
  • Choice of slit and port configuration on both inputs and outputs
  • Interchangeable grating turret on precision kinematic mount
  • Extensive range of high quality gratings
  • User friendly software configured for all available accessories
  • Full range of accessories available, e.g. motorised slits, shutters, filter wheels etc
  • Double and triple configurations available

Multi Grating Turret Design

Our multi grating turret design can hold up to three gratings and offers unparalleled repeatability and reproducibility in any spectral position for selecting a particular wavelength of light. Operating ranges are from the ultraviolet through to the long wave infrared range and the instrument can be further customised using gold-coated optics for enhanced optical efficiency in the infrared range.

The monochromator is the backbone of many spectroscopy instruments, not least our tuneable light source and fluorimeter systems. Our mechanical design allows for straightforward alignment of the monochromator with other spectroscopy components to which it may be coupled.

At Camlin Photonics, ensuring quality delivery, every time, is at the heart of what we do. We align, calibrate and test every monochromator to ensure it meets our specification. Our robust design, both product and packaging, ensures that the instrument our customer receives, has the same performance as the instrument shipped from our factory.

Modularity Is Key

The ATLAS monochromator has been designed to be wholly modular. Choose focal length, which input and output ports to use (or more than one!), diffraction gratings, slits (fixed, manual or motorised), shutters, CCD array ports, filter wheels, filters, fibre optics and liquid light guide adaptors, gold coated optics etc.

By ensuring the ATLAS series of monochromator-spectrographs have been designed to incorporate all of our accessories in a fully modular build, we maximise the potential benefits of the system. Furthermore, where applicable, our fully integrated software includes all necessary functionality to drive those accessories, ensuring a truly ‘plug and play’ approach.



Choose between 150mm, 300mm, 500mm and 750mm focal length Czerny-Turner monochromators to balance your requirements for resolution, light gathering capacity and of course budget.

Input & Output Ports

Our monochromators have a choice of two input ports and two output ports. Where more than one input or output is required, a software controlled selection of the input or output port.

Slits and CCD array ports

Our monochromators are normally supplied with micrometer adjusted bi-lateral precision knife-edge slits. These can be upgraded to be motorised and controlled from our software. Fixed slits at 0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 5mm are also available. We can also provide precision focus and rotation alignment array ports for our ATLAS 300, 500 and 750 monochromators for use with CCD, InGaAs and iCCDs.


Shutters can be fitted at any input or output port. We have a choice of a 300ms solenoid shutter or a high-speed shutter operating with a speed of less than 10ms

Diffraction Gratings

Our ATLAS 150 has a dual grating turret as standard whilst the ATLAS 300, 500 and 750 models have triple grating turrets. We have a wide range of diffraction gratings which we normally supply, but others are available upon request including holographic gratings.

Filter Holders

Our motorised six position filter wheels can be fitted to any input or output port and is designed to hold 25mm or 1” filters up to 6mm in thickness.


We provide a range of SMA optical fibre and liquid light guide adaptors.


We have a wide range of detectors such as silicon and photon counting modules optimised for your application.

Software Control

Our ATLAS monochromators feature an integrated USB 2.0 control unit that can drive all functions of the monochromator and is provided as standard with every one. The straightforward user interface allows easy control of all monochromator functions and features including control of accessories. Key software features include:

  • Wavelength selection
  • Grating switch
  • Scanning parameters such as start and delay timer, etc.
  • Order sorting filter control
  • Motorised entrance and exit slits
  • Input and output port selection via motorised steering mirrors
  • Shutter control

Each and every command sent and received by the monochromator is saved in the operational log file. Our operation manual describes each command to monochromators and the user can be free to use these to control the monochromator behaviours through their own programmes.

Double & Triple Monochromator Systems

The innovative design of the ATLAS monochromators allows them to be easily configured in double and triple monochromator configurations to dramatically reduce stray light or to further improve the spectral resolution for the most challenging of applications. Our modular design ensures we can supply such systems more cost effectively than many of our competitors.


The double monochromators can be configured to operate in either additive or subtractive dispersion modes. In additive dispersion, the light dispersed by the first monochromator is further dispersed by the second monochromator whilst in subtractive dispersion, the spectral dispersion at the output is effectively the same as a single monochromator. Both modes dramatically improve stray-light performance with the stray light ratio increasing from approximately 1:105 to 1:1010.

In a triple monochromator configuration, three monochromators can be joined in series providing not only additional stray light rejection but also enhanced resolution. Often used in high-grade Raman measurements, such as ultraviolet-resonance Raman spectroscopy, our triple monochromators are an ideal high-performance solution.

Diffraction Gratings

At Camlin Photonics we use only diffraction gratings from the best manufacturers. This helps to ensure the quality of the instrument over the full spectral range. Below we list those diffraction gratings that we most commonly supply, but many other gratings are available, including holographic options. Gratings (along with other optics) can be gold coated to improve performance in the infrared.

The choice of diffraction grating is key to ensure the best instrument for your application. At Camlin Photonics we have the expertise to ensure you select the correct grating to meet your requirements.