BIDOYNG fits into existing LV fuse positions using two LV fuses in parallel, creating a robust single-shot auto-recloser. The primary fuse carries the load current until a fault causes it to operate. Then, after a user programmed delay, the secondary fuse is switched in and the network re-energised without customer interruption.

  • Single shot auto-recloser
  • Fault location
  • Voltage and current measurement
  • Load profiling
  • Remote communications
  • Efficiency towards a low carbon network
  • Embedded fault location reduces the cost of finding and repairing faults


Manage And Extend Life Of Underground Cable Assets

Integrate into an existing network management system

Better Lv Network Performance

Dramatically reduce CML’s and CI’s

Efficiencies In Manpower And Financial Resources

Target repairs more accurately, apply resources when and where needed

Minimise Cost And Impact Of Intermittent Faults

Embedded fault location and early detection of developing faults. Built-in voltage and current measurements.