Equipment Manager

Developed with productivity in mind, Kelvatek’s Equipment Manager application helps DNOs realise the full potential of their LV equipment – and helps boost the effective fleet size by more than 15%.  

Equipment Manager is a powerful yet intuitive software application with three core components: 

Equipment Manager Mobile Application manages and tracks the location of Kelvatek LV fault devices as well as third party field equipment. It enables operators to transfer items between users, drop off and pick up items from different regions, colleagues or sites and search for equipment based on locality or specific needs. These interactions are fully reportable and auditable as back office functions. 

Equipment Manager Web generates summary and drill-down reports showing the location of equipment by region. This enables identification of missing equipment and provides auditing of device usage for compliance purposes. 

Equipment Manager Server provides integration, data processing and storage functions for the other software components. 


Increase value of LV equipment

Boosts effective fleet size by more than 15%, enabling DNOs to realise greater year on year financial benefits 


Increase productivity

Maximises the benefits of restoring with reclosing equipment. This minimises unnecessary travel and communication, optimising use of limited field engineering resource. 

Promote best practice

Easy to follow processes and in-built validation assists staff in the deployment of LV equipment. 

Minimise lost equipment

Simplifies auditing and inventories, providing a detailed log of where equipment is, where it has been and who has had it on their van.