Flash photolysis is ideal for the study of photo-physical and photo-chemical properties of compounds and materials under the effect of intense light. Our flashSENS M-SERIES is a complete modular benchtop laser flash photolysis system. This fully automated spectrometer measures absorption and emission lifetimes and spectra in the time range from nanoseconds to seconds.

Applicable to solid, liquid and gaseous samples, laser flash photolysis measurements are a unique method for studying the transient behaviour of chemical and biological species, such as radicals, excited states, and other photo-excited intermediates, generated by an intense short pulse laser.

The absorption of the sample is analysed using a xenon lamp probe light that passes through the sample and is then measured using a photomultiplier detector or intensified time-gated CCD camera after it is spectrally analysed using either a monochromator or spectrograph respectively. At the same time the sample is excited by using a short yet intense pulse of light from the laser.

This excitation light is normally incident to the sample at right angles to the probe light. The transmission of the sample is measured before, during, and after the excitation light pulse is measured. These transmission values reflect the change in the sample due to the excitation light and are often converted to a change in the optical density of the sample.

flashSENS M-Series Modular laser flash photolysis system

flashSENS M-Series Modular laser flash photolysis system


  • Complete system with probe lamp, laser, sample chamber and analysing spectrograph
  • Ultra-high stability xenon lamp for probe source
  • High speed shutters and trigger controller
  • Comprehensive software package for full automation and control of the system including unique signal optimisation approach
  • Large sample chamber provides conventional cross-beam pump-probe configuration, diffuse reflectance and co-liner options as well as luminescence and Raman
  • Provided with optional Nd:YAG laser. Easy to integrate with other laser choices as required

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