The fluoroSENS M-SERIES is a bench-top fluorimeter with single photon counting sensitivity. A fully modular design allows selection of the appropriate light source and excitation and emission monochromators to cost effectively deliver the desired sensitivity. The system is easily upgraded from steady-state to time-resolved measurements.


  • Superb sensitivity in a complete turn-key system
  • Modular system offers flexibility in choice of light sources and single and double monochromators
  • Comprehensive range of steady-state measurements including quantum yield and colour assessment
  • Can be extended to time-resolved phosphorescence and fluorescence modes using MCS and TCSPC respectively
  • Online real-time correction of excitation and emission spectra in all measurement modes
  • Dual automated filter changer for insertion of order sorting filters
  • Large, flexible and easy to access sample chamber for easy interchange of accessories
  • All modes of operation, analysis and presentation controlled by one software package
  • Full range of accessories available

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