Modular Fluorescence Spectrometer

The fluoroSENS system is a versatile bench-top fluorimeter with the ultimate in sensitivity – single photon counting. Two standard configurations are available: fluoroSENS MINI & fluoroSENS PRO. However, a fully modular design allows complete control over the configuration with a wide range of light sources, monochromators, sample holders and detectors available. Our fluoroSENS system is also easily upgraded from steady-state to time-resolved measurements.

fluoroSENS PRO system – standard configuration

  • Complete control to upgrade our standard fluoroSENS MINI and fluoroSENS PRO systems to meet application needs
  • Exceptional dynamic range and spectral resolution
  • Interchangeable sample holders on kinematic mounts with thermal control as required
  • Comprehensive and user friendly software for spectral and kinetic measurements with spectral correction included as standard
  • Suitable for fluorescence, phosphorescence, quantum yields, electro-luminescence and more
  • Full range of accessories available

fluoroSENS Modular Fluorimeter Systems

Our fluoroSENS fluorimeter is a single-photon counting system which incorporates the latest developments in optical, electronic and software technology, delivered as a modular system allowing maximum performance to be delivered at the available budget. Designed to maximise optical stability and manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility, we ensure each and every fluorimeter system is fully calibrated and tested before it leaves our factory.

As standard, every system includes the following:

  • On-line real-time correction of excitation and emission spectra
  • Integrated automated filter-changer for insertion of order-sorting filters as the measurement proceeds on both excitation and emission channels
  • Flexible sample chamber with full side access for easy interchange of accessories, such as integrating spheres for quantum yield measurements, optical fibres for remote sensing, thermoelectric cryostats for ultra-cold samples and many more
  • Method templates and files for recall of complete experimental parameters on a per user basis
  • And many more time-saving features that make the system a complete luminescence measurement laboratory.

We offer two standard configurations to provide both entry level and professional grade fluorimeter systems both of which are readily extended and have a wide range of available accessories.


This entry level modular system comprises a compact 150W xenon continuous light source, 150mm focal length excitation and emission monochromators, sample chamber and red sensitive photomultiplier. The system provides research grade performance in terms of sensitivity and stray light rejection in a cost-effective package.

Each system is provided fully set up and configured on a base plate to provide complete ‘plug and play’ capability. This instrument can be extended at any time to grow with your application needs.

fluoroSENS PRO

The fluoroSENS PRO system is designed for more demanding research needs. Provided with a 450W xenon lamp and 300mm focal length excitation and emission monochromators as standard, the fluoroSENS PRO is an extremely powerful fluorimeter system.

The longer focal length monochromators provide significantly higher spectral resolution. System configuration can be made with single or double monochromators, cooled red sensitive photomultipliers, and many more options.

System delivery of each fluoroSENS PRO includes installation and training at your site.

Further Details

Ultimate Single-Photon Counting Sensitivity

Single-photon counting provides the ultimate detection capability when it comes to fluorescence spectroscopy techniques, allowing the potential for measurements down to femto-molar concentrations.

The high-aperture, high-throughput optical design of our light sources, excitation and emission monochromators and the sample chamber has been optimised. Our system provides excellent stray-light performance, maximises the light delivered to the sample, and crucially to avoid issues with photo-bleaching, the design maximises collection and transfer of signal to the detector.

Spectral Correction

To obtain ‘true’ excitation and emission spectra it is necessary to correct for any effects introduced by the instrument itself. Unlike many competitor instruments, every fluoroSENSsystem includes functionality for correction of both excitation and emission spectra as standard.

Excellent Spectral Resolution

The fluoroSENS MINI and fluoroSENS PRO systems provide resolution up to 0.4nm and 0.1nm respectively which can be further improved by taking advantage of our longer focal length and double monochromator upgrades.


High Dynamic Range

The exceptionally high dynamic range of fluoroSENS allows for both very weak and very strong fluorescence peaks to be viewed simultaneously from a single scan without the need to take several measurements to resolve them.

Broad spectral range from UV to NIR

With a wide range of single-photon counting detectors available for use with the fluoroSENS system we can cover detection ranges starting from 185nm up to 1700nm.

Method Templates and Files

fluoroSENS retains all experimental details at the touch of a button to provide an instant record of all parameters used. In addition to the actual data, all method and report information, calculations and graphical outputs can be displayed.

Sample holders and sample management

A wide range of accessories are available for our sample chambers, including integrating spheres for quantum yield measurement and front face sample holders for solid, powder and film samples. We also offer a wide range of sample cooling options from water-thermostatable cuvette holders to liquid nitrogen and helium cooled cryostats.

Turning precision measurements into high-quality information

No fluorimeter is complete without the ability to capture high-quality measurements. The comprehensive fluoroSENS software allows an extensive range of spectral measurements to be taken and the fluoroSENS system can be operated in several measurement modes:

  • Signal rates
  • Excitation and emission spectra
  • Synchronous spectra
  • Excitation and emission mapping
  • Synchronous mapping
  • Anisotropy spectra
  • Corrected spectra
  • Electro-luminescence
  • Quantum yields
  • Transmission

The fluoroSENS system has been designed to give maximum flexibility and control over your workflow with the minimum of unnecessary effort. The software provides clear interfaces, direct-to-the-point operation, comprehensive features and facilities including export of data and graphical results in a wide range of formats. Also included are complex mathematical options for data analysis and manipulation. Preparing work for print and presentation is made easy too through the comprehensive exporting and display tools provided as standard in every instrument.

Appication Example

The typical green emission spectrum, when excited by 350nm light, shows well resolved phonon replicas and near exponential fluorescence decay over several orders of magnitude. This was measured with our standard fluoroSENS MINI system, upgraded to have a 5W pulsed xenon lamp as excitation source.