FUSEMATE eliminates the risk of personal injury when replacing LV fuses.

Safety is the first priority during any operation. Installing a FUSEMATE in place of an LV fuse drastically improves the safety of the operation when attempting to restore customer supplies. The FUSEMATE can be remotely closed at a distance of up to 30m.

This enables efficient supply restoration without compelling the personnel to remain dangerously close to the fuse connection point. An LED bar graph is used to display the current level which allows the user to determine the circuit load and identify a potential fault in the network.




And simple to use



The FUSEMATE is very portable and has a lightweight, robust construction.



Fits JS & JP fuse stalks



The FUSEMATE comes with an adapter kit that can be used during those rare occasions when the product does not directly fit into the LV fuse position.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I’ve had personal experience of what happens when things go wrong without warning. As a junior engineer, I’ve seen a fault spectacularly take out an LV distribution board within a substation. Fortunately for me ENWL procedures ensured I was out of harm’s way and FUSEMATE served its purpose. FUSEMATE is a crucial safety barrier between the operator and a potentially hazardous situation. It takes away the need for someone to be standing right there at the point of closure. If anything untoward happens, FUSEMATE takes the brunt of it while the operator’s at a safe distance. FUSEMATE is vital to my own health and safety, and for that of my colleagues. It’s an essential piece of kit. All my engineers use FUSEMATE – you simply cannot not be using it!

Damien Coyle, South Operations RMU Manager, Electricity North West

No-one likes electric power disruption, least of all families at home watching TV or using their Wi-Fi. As soon as a customer goes off supply for any reason, the clock's ticking and everyone's aim is to get it restored quickly. When one of our guys lands on site, all he knows is that he's faced with a ruptured LV fuse - but he doesn’t immediately know the cause. Was it under excessive load? Or is there a permanent fault somewhere? Whatever the reason, that fuse needs to be replaced and the cause assessed. And that's where FUSEMATE is so valuable – it lets us restore supply safely and efficiently. The great thing about FUSEMATE is that it gives us confidence and a real sense of safety. We also like it being so light and portable - it doesn't take up much space in your car boot or in the back of the van.

Robert McKissick, Northern Ireland Electricity