Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful technique to determine the chemical composition of various points within a target scene. With our highly customisable hyperspectral imaging solutions, we provide the right system for your application needs.

Hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive, non-contact technology which enables its use across a wide range of applications. For example, hyperspectral imaging can be used to help farmers to monitor their crops, detect counterfeit goods, perform a quality assessment of food products and identify contaminants in water or other material.

Push-broom hyperspectral cameras create a two-dimensional image by scanning a line image across a target area. At each pixel in this image a complete spectrum is measured and available. Creation of a two-dimensional image can be made by moving the camera, the subject target, or by a rotation or scanner system. Our comprehensive hyperspectral image acquisition and analysis software is designed to make high quality hyperspectral imaging as simple and efficient as possible.

Our software controls a large range of mirror, rotary and linear scanner platforms so the appropriate acquisition system can be selected with ease. The scan functions are synchronised to detectors frame rates so that the optimum and best image quality measurements are made.

Hyperspectral Data Cube

Hyperspectral Data Cube



Spectral Cameras

Spectral cameras available to cover the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared regions. Multi-spectral camera configurations with frame-link options


Rotation and linear translation stages available on a range of mounts for laboratory or field use

Aerial Options

UAV, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft mount options for aerial surveys


Powerful data acquisition, display and analysis software package


On-site installation and training available

High Speed

High speed, high optical efficiency push-broom data acquisition

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