Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Hyperspectral Imaging is a powerful technique that combines optical spectroscopy from the ultraviolet through to the infrared region with digital imaging. In a hyperspectral image, each pixel in the image contains a continuous optical spectrum, or fingerprint, of the target under view.

Camlin Photonics designs and manufactures rugged, compact and cost-effective imaging systems, complete with spectroscopy tools and software for the collection and analysis of hyperspectral images – our HYPERION HSI hyperspectral imaging system.

Our systems are now deployed in a wide range of process control, monitoring, diagnostic, and inspection applications. This is a non-destructive, non-contact technology that enables applications for example: colorimetry, pharmaceuticals, art conservation, forensics, agriculture and food quality and security, detecting counterfeit materials and adulteration of product, detecting changes in scene, and many more.

Key Features:


Spectral cameras available to cover the ultraviolet to shortwave infrared regions


Rotation and linear translation stages available on a range of mounts for laboratory or field use


Multi-spectral camera configurations with frame-link options


UAV, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft mount options for aerial surveys


High speed, high optical efficiency push-broom data acquisition


Powerful data acquisition, display and analysis software package


On-site installation and training available

The key components to build the hyperspectral imaging system are the spectral cameras, scanning mechanism, software and signal processing for the acquisition and analysis of hyperspectral data sets and then extracting information from these.

Spectral Cameras
Push-broom spectral cameras measure a line image and, by using a scanning mechanism, can create two-dimensional images.

Scanning Solutions

Creation of the two-dimensional image requires line scanning across a target. This can be accomplished in a range of manners by moving either the camera or the sample and the most common scanning modes are described below:

Objective Lenses

Objective lenses are used in front of the spectrograph to define a field of view and on target pixel resolution. These lenses are specially designed for hyperspectral imaging with very high mechanical stability and wide spectral coatings.


Comprehensive software for data acquisition, viewing and analysis is a critical part of any hyper-spectral system. Our spectraSENS software is a fully integrated hyperspectral platform for collecting, viewing, and processing data sets.

Directly within the software single or simultaneous multiple spectral camera operation is supported along with convention high resolution RGB, trigger sensors, data streaming and direct visualisation of outputs.

The spectraSENS software already comes with a comprehensive built-in library of data analysis functions, both supervised and unsupervised methods as well as Partial Least Squares modelling for ground reference (training) data sets to enable concentration mapping of materials.