Our industrial inspection systems bring the power of highly sensitive spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging technologies into the heart of industrial plants. Whether the driver is to monitor assets, reduce costs in processes or unlock additional value, we have the capability to deliver the complete solution to meet your needs.

Spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging technologies have the ability to provide unique insight into industrial processes or monitor the health of industrial assets. However, providing cost effective solutions that operate reliably in such environments can be challenging.

Our highly experienced research and engineering teams excel at developing state-of-the-art sensor technologies into complete products and systems for installation into industrial environments as challenging and varied as power plants, biogas upgrading facilities, meat processing factories, baked goods factories, water utilities, plastic recycling plants and nuclear power decommissioning sites.

Camlin’s multidisciplinary R&D team allows many different technologies to be brought together into one system. For example, our machine learning expertise allows us to implement the power of artificial intelligence into our systems, whilst our ability to develop sophisticated yet flexible interfaces to those systems allows our customers to unlock the full value our cutting edge sensor technologies bring to the industrial inspection market.

Camlin Industrial Inspection


Our recently released BioGas Spectrometer uses UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy technology as a process control in biogas upgrading facilities. Biogas is an important renewable energy source and upgrading biogas to biomethane for injection onto the natural gas grid unlocks additional revenues for the plant owner.

Our BioGas Spectrometer is installed in the heart of the upgrading plant and monitors whether any contaminant gases that may damage the expensive separation membranes (such as ketones and terpenes) are present after the filtration process and checks the quality of the gas being injected into the grid. By providing online monitoring and immediate feedback to the plant operator, we ensure that the carbon filters can be replaced when required and hence protect the membranes and ultimately ensure the economic viability of the biogas upgrading facility.

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