We have many years of experience of delivering products and systems incorporating highly sensitive spectroscopy technology into the heart of industrial plants allowing our customers to better monitor assets, reduce costs in processes and unlock additional value for their business. With proven delivery in industries ranging from power utilities to food processors, and irrespective of whether the application requires hyperspectral, photoacoustic, absorption, fluorescence or other spectroscopy techniques, at Camlin, we have the capability to deliver the complete solution to meet your needs.

All materials have a unique spectroscopic fingerprint. Spectroscopy technologies can therefore be used to provide unique insight into industrial processes or monitor the health of industrial assets. However, providing cost effective solutions that operate reliably in such environments can be challenging as suppliers generally do not have the complete range of skills and experience to develop and deliver the required system.

Camlin’s multidisciplinary R&D team allows many different technologies to be brought together into one system. For example, our machine learning expertise allows us to implement the power of artificial intelligence into our systems, whilst our ability to develop sophisticated yet flexible interfaces to those systems allows our customers to unlock the full value that our cutting edge sensor technologies bring to the industrial inspection market.

Key Capabilities

  • Highly experienced at integrating complex technologies into robust industrial inspection products. Examples include:
    • UV-DOAS technology monitoring biogas upgrading plants
    • Hyperspectral imaging installed at food processing plants
  • Robust hardware (to required IP rating) and can deliver tailored acquisition, display and analysis software packages
  • Highly experienced artificial intelligence research team allowing machine learning capabilities to be integrated


TOTUS Transformer Monitoring System

Our TOTUS system utilises photo-acoustic spectroscopy technology to robustly and reliably perform online dissolved gas analysis and provides asset managers key information on the health of their transformer fleet.



Biogas is an important renewable energy source and upgrading biogas to biomethane for injection onto the natural gas grid unlocks additional revenues for the biogas plant. Working in collaboration with Pentair, a world leader in biogas upgrading facilities, Camlin have developed the BioSENSE monitoring system which utilises UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy for monitoring volatile organic compounds produced in the bio-digestion process.

The BioSENSE system is deployed in the heart of the upgrading plant and robustly measures contaminants both before and after the biogas purification process. By providing online monitoring and immediate feedback to the plant operator, the BioSENSE system ensures that the carbon filters are replaced only when needed and the separation membranes are protected from damage. At Camlin Photonics, we have the capability to apply our existing and new spectroscopy technologies to industrial process monitoring. Contact us to find out more.

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