PANTOBOT 3D – Smart pantograph monitoring system in real time

PANTOBOT is a fully automated three dimensional pantograph inspection system which allows the network operator to make real time decisions based on the actual condition of the pantograph. It is well known that a damaged pantograph has the potential to tear down the overhead line. This could result in prolonged delays and widespread service disruption. Common examples of pantograph anomalies include chipping, increased wear and cracking of the carbon strips.



Analysis On Every Axis

Automatically analyse the degree of carbon wear, chipping and cracking on every axis (X, Y, Z) to the nearest millimetre. This is something that 2D systems are incapable of as they require the expertise of an operator.


Automatic Pantograph Recognition

It is common for different trains with different pantographs to operate on railway networks. But, by using the power of machine vision, PANTOBOT 3D is able to automatically classify each pantograph model for analysis. This enables the railway operator to programme different alarm thresholds for different types of pantographs.


Machine Learning Feature

Predictive maintenance is a key element of asset management. The unique machine learning feature of PANTOBOT allows it to monitor and trend pantograph health and provide the network operator with vital information such as pantograph failure.


Web Based Interface And Automated Alerts

A web based interface allows the user to access PANTOBOT 3D via any secure device connected to the internet. Our intuitive platform gives the user the ability to define the operating limits of each pantograph model and set individual alarm thresholds. Pantograph images can also be viewed for further analysis.

PANTOBOT 3D Installations