Enabling proactive management of Low Voltage Networks

Gaining a deeper insight into the Low Voltage (LV) network has never been more important to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), as the number of Low Carbon Technology installations increase in the drive towards Net Zero.

As customers become more reliant on the network, developing issues on plant and cable assets or with the network’s operating health must be quickly identified and eliminated before service levels are impacted.

PRESense is an innovative, AI-enabled LV monitor that provides distributed intelligence and data capture. The monitor utilises edge computing techniques that allow decisions to be made on the device as opposed to a remote server – minimising data transfer costs and bandwidth.

Installed at sub-stations and other supply points on the network, PRESense not only captures traditional power flow and quality information but makes use of intelligent and dynamic triggering algorithms to capture targeted high-resolution data sets – aimed at identifying specific business problems.

Once the data is collected, PRESense transforms it into actionable information. Confirming whether the network is operating safely within its capacity, or if further corrective actions, such as network re-enforcement or deployment of flexibility solutions, are needed now or in the future.



Network Health Monitoring

PRESense captures all key aspects of network health beyond basic voltage and current data. The advanced data capture helps identify developing load issues, such as potential overload caused by increasing numbers of electric vehicles, issues caused by distributed generation, limited network capacity and phase imbalance. This enables network operators to plan and undertake the most effective form of remedial action

Cable Health Indexing

PRESense can identify, capture and measure key parameters which are used to detect fault precursors on the feeder networks being monitored.

This allows network operators to target asset replacement in the most cost effective and efficient manner – directing consumer spending at cable sections that require repair or replacement most urgently.

Predictive Fault Location

PRESense automatically captures data which can be used by Kelvatek’s well-established faults algorithms to provide a distance to any network fault or to pre-fault activity. In most instances’ activity is detected in advance of customers noticing an issue with their supply.