RELITE – Auto-Recloser for Street Lighting

The RELITE is a low voltage auto recloser designed to facilitate the management of street lighting cable faults. RELITE provides protection and security by restoring the supply of street lighting circuits affected by transient faults.

Street lighting faults and complaints are a significant issue for network operators and owners. They can cause concern for public safety both on our road networks and in our communities.

RELITE is used in place of a standard street lighting fuse which has experienced a cable fault. It provides information about the fault activity whilst safely restoring supply during intermittent fault conditions.

Transient faults on street lighting circuits require staff to attend site to replace fuses. RELITE automatically restores supply, keeping the lights on until such time as the fault can be located and repaired. The RELITE buys the critical time and resources needed to manage the situation. Building on REZAP technology, RELITE provides the protection and functionality of a REZAP but is designed specifically for street lighting circuits.



Improved Network Performance

Reduces effects of intermittent faults


Efficient Use Of Manpower Resources

Allow resource to be managed effectively with fewer site visits.


Minimise Cost And Impact Of Intermittent Faults

Reduce outages and associated costs.


Customer Satisfaction

Fewer complaints and less interruptions