SNOOPi employs a bespoke optical sensor to detect and discriminate between fault and natural gas.

Detection results are available on screen in addition to being uploaded to the server along with GPS coordinates and timestamp. This allows for both real time and historic viewing.

Gases are measured individually by the bespoke optical sensor, resulting in the ability to distinguish effectively.

A long service interval reduces the need for calibration and maintenance.

SNOOPi Cable Fault Gas Detector

SNOOPi Benefits

Discriminates between fault & natural gas

Avoids false readings

Daylight readable display

A readable screen in all weather conditions

Uploaded Measurements: GPS & Timestamp

Allows for both real time and historic viewing with Sapient connection

SAPIENT integrated

Can be partnered with SAPIENT for advanced intelligence

Easier to Pinpoint Faults

Reduce holes and excavation costs

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