LV Cable Fault Gas Detector

Rapid, reliable confirmation of underground cable faults 

For many years network operators have used fault gas sniffing as part of their LV fault finding strategy. The success of this technique relies on the test being carried out in a timely manner, whilst the fault gasses are present and in sufficient concentration near the surface. It also depends on differentiating fault gases from background gas levels: non-discriminatory gas sniffers can often provide a positive indication on natural gas leaks with potential subsequent safety implications. 

SNOOPi is the only fault gas detector that overcomes these challenges, giving network operators confidence of an accurate confirmation of an underground cable fault’s location. 

Highly discriminating gas sensor technology allows clear identification of the gases emitted by cable faults. Logging of test positions and gas levels enables detection of lower level emissions, whilst the gas discrimination avoids costly, and potentially dangerous false alarms due to other sources of gas. 



Eliminates false positives

Distinguishes accurately between fault gases and natural gas to pinpoint faults in their infancy, eliminating false positives and unnecessary excavations. 


Increased fault location accuracy

Gas sample readings and GPS location for each sniff are captured and communicated to our SAPIENT service increasing the accuracy of fault locations and avoiding unproductive repeat visits. 


Reduced maintenance and calibration

Frontline maintainable and a long service interval maximises the in-service utilisation and return on investment.