TOTUS DT2 - Advanced monitoring for two transformers including DGA, PD & Bushings

TOTUS DT2 is the first one-box holistic system specifically for pairs of distribution network transformers, providing total cost-effective total monitoring previously only possible for large transmission or GSU units.

Detect and diagnose issues at the earliest opportunity with multi-gas DGA, Partial Discharge (PD), Bushing Monitoring (BM), Through Fault Current (TFC), modelling and diagnostics, all in a single modular unit.

TOTUS DT2 utilises web server architecture and has fully flexible and secure comms options.

DT2 Setup


Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

  • Cutting-Edge NDIR technology
  • 5 Gas + Moisture in each transformer
  • No consumables (calibration or carrier gas) requirements

Bushing Monitoring (BM)

  • Early detection of fast developing faults e.g. sudden short circuit of capacitive layers
  • Avoid false alarms via advanced algorithms
  • Automatic separation of PD in bushings
  • Highly stable relative Tan Delta & Capacitance measurement
  • Simple commissioning with no manual tuning and additional software

Partial Discharge (PD)

  • Unique Tap adaptor design ensures a reliable / safe installation with protection against voltage surges
  • Automatic noise rejection designed specifically for transformers
  • Genuine continuous monitoring which ensures all significant PD activity is captured
  • Data converted into visual graphics which are easily interpreted for the non PD expert

Through Fault Current (TFC)

  • Record all the overcurrents flowing through the transformer windings
  • Evaluation of the key parameters to predict winding deformation (peak, RMS, DC content, duration, energy)
  • Connected to HV current transformers
  • Output available in Comtrade format

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