TOTUS G5 - DGA, Partial Discharge, Bushing Monitoring & Through Fault Current, in one powerful unit.

TOTUS G5 is a 5 gas monitoring system which incorporates robust design, performance and field quality that allow Asset Managers to cost effectively manage and extend the life of their transformer assets.

TOTUS G5 can also be equipped with Partial Discharge (PD), Bushing Monitoring (BM) and Through Fault Current (TFC). This provides the most comprehensive Transformer assessment in a single system.

  • Multi asset/Multi Tank
  • TOTUS TTM easily upgradeable at any time
  • H2, CO and Duval's Triangle
  • No consumables
  • Dual valve oil circulation

Access in-depth data on TOTUSPRO from any smart device



Modern Infrared technology

  • Discrete measurements for gases, no carrier or calibration gas requirements

Rugged, modular design to highest industrial standards

  • Additional PC software available for off-line viewing, full compatibility with asset management systems

Extensive Comms

  • Extensive comms and I/O options for modern asset owner

Through Fault Current

  • Record all the overcurrents flowing through the transformer windings

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