TOTUS – DGA, Partial Discharge, Bushing Monitoring and Through Fault Current in one powerful unit.

TOTUS (Transformer Monitoring System) combines revolutionary technologies with cutting-edge software and diagnostics to create the world’s leading transformer monitoring system.

Detect and diagnose problems at the earliest stage to avoid failures and extend the useful life of your transformer. The addition of an embedded web-server, equipped with powerful data analysis tools means users can manage & interpret information.



Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

  • 9 Gas + Moisture
  • Leading-edge photo-acoustic spectroscopy
  • No consumables (calibration or carrier gas) requirements
  • Multiple-tank option available
  • One unit for single phase bank of transformers
  • Market leading specification providing an accurate and robust product

Partial Discharge (PD)

  • Unique Tap Adaptor design ensures a reliable and safe installation with protection against voltage surges
  • Effective noise rejection designed specifically for transformers
  • Continuous monitoring which ensures all significant PD activity is captured
  • Data converted into visual graphics which are easily interpreted for the non PD expert

Bushing Monitoring

  • Early detection of fast developing faults
  • Avoidance of false alarms through advanced algorithms
  • Automatic separation of PD in bushings
  • Highly stable relative Tan Delta & Capacitance measurement
  • Simple commissioning with no manual tuning and additional software

Through Fault Current

  • Record all the overcurrents flowing through the transformer windings
  • Evaluation of the key parameters to predict winding deformation (peak, RMS, DC content, duration, energy)
  • Recording insertion current
  • Enabling data correlation with Bushing Capacitance, PD and DGA