TRANSFLEKT simplifies the location of transient faults on the low voltage distribution network.

Transient faults on the LV network can be extremely difficult to locate. They can disappear for a long period of time before appearing in a flurry of activity. On other occasions, they simply surface as “pecking faults” that last no longer than a few milliseconds. To provide an easy solution to this problem, Kelvatek has developed the TRANSFLEKT LV, a unique transient cable fault locator that has been designed using the proven principles of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR).

  • Measuring ranges from 250m to 2km
  • 3 Phase Voltage Measurement and Triggering
  • Captures TDR data before, during and after the fault for analysis
  • Inbuilt web server – no user software required
  • Connects to Kelvatek web server



Local Control & Communications

TRANSFLEKT has a built in WiFi access point and web server.


Full Control

No requirement to approve or install software on client PCs.


Multiple Installation Choices

Substation, Linkbox, Customer premises, Cut cable end


Kelvatek Web

Can be remotely monitored and controlled by any web enabled device via Kelvatek Web. A single user interface allows full customer control of TRANSFLEKT, BIDOYNG, REZAP MODULAR, WEEZAP and LYNX.