Monitoring and Protection for Rising & Lateral Mains (RLM)

Many of the buildings containing RLM were erected in the 60’s, and have not had riser replacements. Fires have been caused by the condition of the wiring, given its age. DNO’s own and operate some of the Rising and Lateral Mains electricity supplies in their region. Others are owned by private landlords, who in many cases, subcontract the DNO to manage and operate the network on their behalf.

Aging Kit

Many of the RLM networks have been in service since their buildings were constructed back in the 60’s and 70’s. That makes many of these networks more than 50 years old.


OFGEM expects the DNO’s to manage and replace the networks to ensure reliable and safe operation.


There are so many buildings needing modernisation that it will take many years to complete. In the mean time there is an enduring risk of electrical failure leading to fire.

The Concept

To reduce risk, protect people and buildings and to invest more wisely.

Use Available Kit

By using already existing, field proven kit we can get to deployment fast. WEEZAP is retrofitable, making it quick and easy to install and has been widely used so it is known to be reliable.

Monitor continuously

Immediately reduces the risk associated with aging RLM installations, giving advanced warning of electrical insulation failure.


By collecting data and analysing it to learn about the RLM networks, additional benefits become possible.

Optimise Investment

Data analysis can provide information to get the most benefit from further investment in modernisation and further reduces the risk by allowing targeting of lower health assets.



The WEEZAP is at the heart of WATTSGUARD. It is the culmination from 20 years of LV Vacuum Circuit Breaker experience. There are over 20,000 Kelvatek LV management devices in the UK electricity distribution network.


  • Insulation Breakdown - The WEEZAP monitors for small perturbations allowing identification of insulation breakdown. Once breakdown has been detected an alarm is raised to trigger inspection or isolation of power.
  • Overload Detection - WEEZAP collects power quality data, including harmonic and overload data. An overload threshold can be set that will trigger an automatic alarm.
  • Remote Control Operation - The DNO can make the decision to take an installation offline. This can be carried out before staff arrive onsite to perform an inspection.
  • Adaptive Protection - Analysis of the load data can allow a more appropriate protection setting in the WEEZAP to make it’s protection more sensitive to fault conditions.
  • Prioritise Investment - Relative health ranking will allow prioritisation of investment into modernisation schemes


The SAPIENT service continuously monitors equipment deployed in the field and analyses the gathered data. It can offer highly targeted information to users searching for faults on the network.

Through continual monitoring, faults, even incipient ones, can be identified early, allowing proactive repairs to be carried out and avoiding customer disruption.


WEEZAPs installed on site

Experienced SAPIENT staff confirm the installation is set up correctly, check appropriate settings for an RLM installation, and test the communications link. They then raise the install on the SAPIENT system for continuous monitoring.

Ongoing Monitoring
Data capture and protection

Regular communications with equipment ensures continuing protection, and power quality and perturbation data is collected.

Expert Analysis
Data Analysis

Power quality data is checked for overload conditions. Load data analysis gives new protection settings. Waveform data is checked for signs of insulation breakdown. Remote operation of circuit breakers can be performed on pre-arranged conditions.

Alarms and reporting

Alarms are generated for overload or insulation breakdown. Reports provide information on relative health, allowing optimisation of RLM investment.

Installing WATTSGUARD RLM in high rise buildings brings significant benefits.

WATTSGUARD provides immediate protection and monitoring for RLM networks, with optimisation of further investments. Devices are easily retrofitted, analysis is carried out by experienced Kelvatek staff, and devices can be re-purposed after use to other buildings or to manage LV networks faults.

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