WEEZAP is an LV vacuum circuit breaker combined with advanced measurement and protection capability.

The compact retrofit design allows WEEZAP to be fitted directly to existing LV panels in replacement of the fuse. It is not necessary to replace the LV board itself. Fitting is simple and fast with a minimum of training. The VCB design allows the WEEZAP to close and open the circuit at the LV substation either locally or remotely. The WEEZAP can protect the network by opening the circuit breaker in overload and fault conditions. Configuration settings allow local automated re-closing; alternatively reclose control can be via the Network Management System (NMS).




Automatic meshing and reconfiguration of the network using embedded LV switches


Communicate data to and receive control commands from the Network Management System (NMS)

Safe & Simple

Add new levels of safety for the LV network, easy to install, retrofit design.

Advanced Monitoring

Detect over and under voltage conditions/confirm voltage within limits. Monitor currents for overload and assess duration and magnitude of overloads

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