The research group consists of several teams with a wide variety of skill sets, from physicists and chemical engineers to machine learning software developers and biomedical engineers. The team is engaged in the design and development of innovative products, rapid prototyping and continuous problem solving in our core business of Power and Rail as well as in new sectors such as Healthcare, Security and beyond.

Innovation is achieved by a combination of our own in-house expertise partnered with research institutions across the world. Our research facilities include clean rooms for optical and ultra-high vacuum projects, a fully equipped advanced human machine interface laboratory, and a laboratory space for prototyping and further experimental projects. In addition to experimental work, the group is involved in advanced modelling and optical simulations. The research group endeavours to develop new concepts that are timely, intelligent and cost effective solutions.

Current projects cover a wide range of research topics including Infrared Spectroscopy, Intelligent Switching, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Quantum Cascade Lasers, Cable Fault Detection and Machine Learning.



In close cooperation with the research team, our engineering division manages the whole product development cycle. Our designs utilize industrial standards to their maximum potential, but we don’t shun away from building things from the ground up so that the unique constraints our systems are facing, can be addressed.

While our mechanical and electronics engineers strive to deliver the high-quality designs and platforms to build upon, our software team leverages the flexibility of modern methodologies to maintain flexibility and react quickly to evolving requirements.

Our ability to adapt technologies developed for one sector and apply them to others allows us to maintain our focus on the technology whilst benefiting from the diversification of products in which it can be utilised.

All our products are thoroughly tested in elaborate simulation harnesses, on both hardware and software level, to make sure the units maintain the top-notch performance throughout their lifetime. Thanks to the no-nonsense approach of our applied engineering branch, we are able to achieve extremely short time-to-market, often less than a year from a proof of concept to the shippable product.


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