Intelligent Analytics

SAPIENT is an intelligent system that focuses on the key value drivers for our customers. We provide the hardware infrastructure, which in turn generates critical data on your asset base. Our team of experts convert this data into focused information, with the help of our advanced software and algorithms. We build solutions dependent on our customer’s needs, from Asset Monitoring, Health Reporting and Fleet Ranking, to Failure Analysis, Overload Evaluation and Design Review.

SAPIENT fault location provides precise locations of intermittent and permanent faults, integrating with your systems to ensure minimal disruption to customers, enhance operating performance and deliver value for both our customer and the consumer.

LV Fault Location

We are Fast, Accurate, Reliable to fix at the Fault Location

LV Cable Health Assessment

Maximise network reliability through predictive analytics

HV Asset Management

Asset Management for Transformers, Generators & Circuit Breakers

Machine Learning & AI

Intelligence drives network performance through our intelligent algorithms

Pantograph Monitoring

Real time decisions based on the actual condition of the pantograph

Alarms & Reports

Alarms for proactive action, stats & breakdown of performance via reports


A Wealth Of Expertise

The expertise combined with advanced SELF tools provides a unique service that is unmatched in the industry.

Precise Fault Location

The smart technology used by SAPIENT allows the team to pinpoint faults before they become permanent.


Minimal Interruptions

One of the primary goals of SAPIENT is to reduce the number of fuse operations when finding faults to a minimum.

A More Accurate View Of The Network

The utility is better equipped to view an accurate display of the network’s performance in real time.

Equipment Installations

Fault Locations Provided

Happy Customers

SAPIENT Key Features

Asset Management

Assessing and managing the expected life of high value assets through critical data analysis, facilitating maintenance planning and replacement programmes.

Network Management

Providing a real-time view of the electricity network to enable a proactive approach to network management and configuration, further enhancing quality of supply to the consumer.

Data Management

Analysing large volumes of data to provide todays asset and network managers with focused information for strategic decision-making.


Technology forms the basis of SAPIENT, we therefore fully warrant and maintain all of our technology for the duration of the contract.


We work with all of our partners to build the best solution for their requirements, applying the appropriate level of technology and expertise to generate the desired return.



Combining our expertise with industry-leading technology to provide a holistic solution.