Fast, accurate location of lowered lines & incipient faults

Faults on rural overhead line networks can be difficult to detect and locate. This is particularly evident during storm conditions when multiple faults can develop on a single circuit. Traditional techniques are time consuming, while certain fault types if left undetected can present a serious danger to life.

Time and resources

Faults are traditionally located by walking the line within a protection zone. However this is expensive in time and resources. Furthermore it annoys the customers patience and prolongs the exposure of engineers to extreme weather.


Broken conductor faults can go undetected. Similarly low clearance lines may not cause the operation of existing protection and thus present a high risk to the public and patrolling teams

The Concept

Find damage in real time and optimise the deployment of repair teams

Accurate fault location

High current faults located within 2-4 pole spans and lowered lines within a few hundred metres thus reducing excessive patrolling, especially during extreme weather.

Continuous monitoring

Always connected, the system ensures coverage during storms and network reconfigurations maximizing the efficiency of repair teams.

New detection techniques

Detect faults which would not normally lead to an outage, improving safety and customer experience

Integrated dashboard

Ensures the alarms are raised within your existing system and subject to your workflows.

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