UK, Release: 30th July 2020.

Later this summer, CAMLIN Rail will supply its award-winning PANTOBOT 3D real-time pantograph inspection system to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the 6th largest public transit agency in the United States. PANTOBOT 3D uses advanced imaging and machine learning techniques to assess pantograph condition safely, accurately, and in real-time. High-resolution images captured by the system’s trackside stereoscopic camera are used to create a precise 3D model, revealing pantograph conditions on trains traveling at speeds of up to 186 mph with no need for manual inspection.

The new monitoring system assesses pantograph condition parameters such as contact strip condition, orthogonality, defects in horn structure, and uplift.  This will give SEPTA real-time and accurate information regarding the maintenance deficiencies and needs of the pantographs and the overhead lines.  With this data, SEPTA will be able to optimize its maintenance strategies by moving from time-based to condition-based maintenance. PANTOBOT 3D significantly reduces the risks of costly and disruptive line tear-down due to a defective pantograph, plus the associated loss in operating revenues while trains are taken out of service for repairs.

Minimizing service interruption is key to ensuring a great experience for our customers,says Robert L. Lund, P.E., Deputy General Manager, SEPTA. PANTOBOT 3D gives us a huge strategic advantage in anticipating and remediating pantograph defects before they impact the safety of our customers, our system and the public in general.

CAMLIN will oversee installation and commissioning of the system and will also provide technical support to SEPTA on an ongoing basis. PANTOBOT 3D is already established as a game-changer with European rail operators thanks to its speed, accuracy, and reliability,according to Mike Maj, Vice President for Business Development, CAMLIN Rail – North America. We believe the PANTOBOT 3D system will make a significant contribution to SEPTA’s asset management strategy.

PANTOBOT 3D is currently deployed by railway infrastructure owners and operators worldwide and was named Winner in the Supplier & Contractor Excellence category at the 2019 Rail Business Awards.