Biogas is being produced from an increasingly diversified range of feedstocks resulting in various contaminants in the raw biogas, it is vital contaminants are removed in the upgrading process before injection of the gas onto the grid. Notable contaminants include volatile organic compounds such as terpenes and ketones along with hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.  If not removed, these compounds can impact the efficiency of the upgrading process or result in gas with a non-compliant specification reaching the gas grid. 

During this webinar, we will highlight the impact that VOCs can have on biogas upgrading processes and explain how, through online monitoring, the contaminant level in the biogas and biomethane can be checked and verified. We also review a novel optical approach to monitoring these contaminants and demonstrate key benefits of this approach including cost and operational efficiency, while exploring the challenges and issues associated with traditional gas chromatography analysers in the field.